Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Summer Piano Lessons

Can you believe it? SUMMER? :)  It's just around the corner!!

Please let me know if you plan on studying piano with me this summer. My private lesson schedule will change,so you will need to reserve a spot.  I will be teaching privately Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday this summer beginning the week of July 2nd.  I will be teaching group piano at CMC Monday, Wednesday and Friday beginning the week of July 9th.

Spring term ends the week of June 4th for private students.If I owe you a lesson, I will be offering makeups the week of June 11th.

I will be teaching Blues Piano Camp from 06/18 to 06/29 at CMC. I will be able to teach a few private lessons these two weeks, primarily in the early evenings.

Spring term at CMC ends June 16. 

The final spring piano recitals are June 17th at 5:00 and 6:30.

Please email, call, or talk to me in person if you have questions!

Teacher Zita :)

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