Thursday, June 27, 2013

Summer Piano Lessons

June is almost history and July just around the bend! I hear we are in for some hot weather! 

Personally, I don't mind the mild 70 and drizzly typical Portland weather, but it will be nice to see the sun - especially since kids are out of school and want to do summery things like swim!

Speaking of summer things, summer is a nice time to take piano lessons. Whether you are a brand new beginner, or continuing to build your skills in music reading, technique and performance, or want to try something new like The Blues, or have a special piece you would like to play (I've had a lot of students asking for music by Adele), now is the time!

I still have some spots open in my schedule.

My availability for private lessons this summer is:
Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. I have mostly late morning/early afternoon spots remaining open on Tue and Thursday and late afternoon spots open on Saturday.  I might be able to do a few early morning spots too.

I still have some piano lab openings at the Community Music Center. Piano lab is like a mini private lesson. I divide the time between a class of 3 for 45 minutes. While you wait for your turn, you can feel free to practice on one of our new Yamaha Clavinova digital electric keyboards (with headphones for privacy!) :)

I will be at the Community Music Center this summer on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. You can learn more about their program or sign up for classes here!
Or feel free to call 503.823.3177. 

Be Cool!
Play Music!


Teacher Zita

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Piano Blues

Dear Friends:

I am halfway through Summer Piano Blues Camp at the Community Music Center and having a blast! The kids are amazing!  I had a moment of panic last week when I saw how large the classes were. But this was a blessing in disguise because I got busy and designed a kickin' lesson plan with lots of activities to keep things rolling smoothly.

In fact, it's been so successful that I'd like to offer a summer piano blues focus for my private students!

Mind you, I am new to the blues myself. I've been playing the piano since I was 3, at which time I was taught notereading, so while I am a pretty darn good sight reader, my improv skills lay dormant for about 40 years!

I discovered the blues, and I discovered myself!  I found freedom to express myself and create. It's a wonderful outlet!

So any students interested in summer blues, in their private lessons, give me a holler! :)

Teacher Zita

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Fall Term!!

Well, I'm not trying to fast forward your summer or anything, but I thought perhaps
I should give you a heads up on my availability for fall term since I've had some students
reserve fall lesson times already!!

Beginning Fall, 2013 I will be available:

Monday 3:00 to 5:00
Tuesday 3:00 to 6:00
Wednesday 3:00 to 7:30
Saturday 4:00 to 7:00

I may have some earlier afternoon during the week and late morning on Saturday as well.

Teacher Zita :)

Summer Piano Lessons

Can you believe that school is almost out for the summer?!!  Where did the year go?

I am working on my summer piano schedule as we speak.  It is fun to be a little more relaxed as the days get warmer.  Some of my students like to work on blues and improvisation or composition. Some choose to work on their sightreading skills. Some like to pick a new recital piece to master.

And as always, I love taking beginning students of all ages!

My current openings this summer are:

Tuesday: 3:00, 3:30, 4:30 and 5:00
Thursday: 12:00, 12:30 1:00, 2:00, and 3:00
Saturday:  4:00, 4:30, 5:00, 5:30, 6:00 and 6:30

Summer Tuition:

Per Lesson

30 minute lesson:  Paid each lesson: $20.

1 hour lesson (or two students): Paid each lesson: $40

Per Month

30 minute lesson, once a week:  Prepaid: $75.

1 hour lesson (or two students): Prepaid:  $150.

Summer Term (8 weeks)

30 minute lesson, once a week: Prepaid for 8 weeks:  $140.

1 hour lesson (or two students): Prepaid for 8 weeks: $300.

Fall/Winter/Spring Term (12 weeks)

30 minute lesson, once a week: Prepaid for 12 weeks:  $200

1 hour lesson (or two students): Prepaid for 12 weeks: $400

I also have mini lessons (good for toddlers): 15 minutes: $10
Happy Summer!

Teacher Zita :)

Friday, June 7, 2013

Summer Piano Recitals

Several of my piano students mentioned they would like to play in a summer piano recital, especially a few that could not make the spring recital. 

I love when students say they want to perform! :) 

So I've scheduled an end of summer piano recital.

DATE: Sunday, 8/25/13. 

TIMES:  4:00 and 5:30 p.m.

Mark your calendars.

Happy End of School Year! :)

Teacher Zita