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Hello Parents, Students and Friends of the Piano!

I hope you all are having a fabulous winter break and an enjoyable holiday season of whatever holiday you celebrate!

I am organizing the piles of music in  my piano studio, reading a pile of books, practicing and enjoying some down time. But with winter term just around the corner, I am starting to get excited to start teaching again! :)

I generally do not hold a recital at the end of Winter Term. Winter is a good time to stay cozy inside, practice, and brush up on music theory! :) Don't worry, I promise to make it fun with musical games, but I think music theory is interesting and fun without the games. I hope you will too!

My next big student piano recitals will be in June.  So after we spend some time on theory, scales, sight-reading, etc., you may want to consider searching for a stellar recital piece.  With several months time to practice, you can work up something marvelous!

Winter term at the Community Music Center begins 01/07/2013.  I spoke with Kelly Bechtell, the Registrar Extraordinaire at CMC yesterday.  At this point, all of my classes are full.  You are welcome to call and sign up for the waiting list.  Sometimes students drop out, especially as we head into spring sport season.  Their phone number is: 503.823.3177.
For more information about CMC, or to look into other music classes, you can also go to their website: .

I have made a slight change in my schedule, and now have a few openings on Wednesday evenings.  I have 6:30 and 7:00 p.m. available.  After those are filled, I am officially full for winter term in my private studio as well! If you are a new student, please contact me and I will put you on my waiting list.  

I am typing up a separate post about group piano. Look for it on my blog shortly! :)

I hope to see you soon. Keep the music going! 

Below is my financial policy:  

My rate for piano lessons is $20/half hour.

There are several payment methods you can choose from, but I would encourage you to consider paying at the beginning of the term for the entire 12 week term. I prefer not to have to think or talk about payment - Just want to think about music!

However, if that is not an option for you, you can choose what works best.

In hardship cases, I will always slide your fee. My students have always been more important to me than my pocketbook!

Option 1:  Prepay for the entire 12 week term at the beginning of the term (Winter term for private students begins Monday, January 7 and goes through March 31, 2013)
1 student:  $200
2 students: $400
Option 2:  Prepay for the month in advance. (Due on the first lesson of the month)
1 student:  $75
2 students:  $150
Option 3:  Pay as you go – $20 per half hour for each student

I take cash, check or Paypal

Enjoy the rest of winter break and let's keep the music going! :)


Teacher Zita :)

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