Friday, August 16, 2013

The Devolution of Music

I had an adventure last night on the bus! Will have to blog about it later.

But hence, I had a late insomniac night and woke up late, stayed in bed and watched tv. A very interesting subject came up on the Jeff Probst show. His co-host Yvette Nicole Brown led the discussion. Lahla Hathaway was a guest and several young people ages 12 to early teens were interviewed.

One young lady said when she really listened to the lyrics of hip hop music, it made her feel like "trash".

Lahla talked about how so much of music gives you everything, leaving nothing to the imagination. And there is very little melody. I've had these same thoughts.

However, the eye opener was hearing that a lot of young people didn't enjoy the profanity or the objectification of women. I was under the impression that most young people took the message tongue in cheek and were just having fun, enjoying the beat

JayZ was quoted as saying "We didn't think hiphop would last this long. We now need to take it to the next level." So, my question is: What is the "next level" in music? Perhaps it's time for the circle to move backwards. Acoustic music with beautiful melodies, lush harmonies, deep, meaningful lyrics.?

Thoughts to ponder.... :)

 Anyway, I'm glad I overslept!

Here is a link about the program:

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