Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Theory Books

Hello Piano People!

With Winter Term just around the corner, I want to give you advance notice that I like to spend a lot of time Winter Term diving into music theory and technic since we will not have another recital until June.

I have developed my own musical games over the years and I print worksheets off the internet. However, a theory book is a nice supplement to piano lessons.

Here are some suggestions:

For students at CMC, using the Piano Adventures Book (Buy the theory book that corresponds to the level/color of cover of book)

For private students using Piano Town Primer:

For private students using Piano Town Level 1:

For the older beginner:

For older continuing/intermediate (about 2nd year):

For older intermediate (about 3rd year):

For older intermediate (about 4th year):

For older intermediate/advanced (4+ years):

If you have questions, just ask! :)

PS Sorry to be talking about Winter so soon, but I was hearing Christmas music two weeks ago! :) 

Teacher Zita

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