Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Breathing Room


Greetings Piano People!

As some of you may know, I am attempting to simplify my life!  Beginning Fall 2013, I will be teaching more privates student at home and less group lessons.  I'm hoping this will give the breathing room to focus on my own piano practice and also to give more attention to each individual student.

The teacher-student connection has always been important to me. I care about all of my students. They mean more to me than perfection at the keyboard!  Although I enjoy the dynamics of group lessons, and I will continue to teach group a few hours a week, I feel the need to explore taking more time with each person, and guiding some of my students into more advanced piano repetoire.  (That's a big word, right? Repetoire simply refers to the list of music that you are able to play.  It is a French word that means the same in French that we Americans borrow.  It's called a "loan word." You find a lot of loan words in music.  Most of them are borrowed from the Italian language. For example piano means "soft" in Italian!  Ok. I am digressing!)

Anyway, in order to find a few more private students, I have been using thumbtack.com for advertisement.  I really enjoy using this site. It is user friendly and I have gotten several student inquiries already!

You can check out my ad at:  piano instructor

If you are in group classes and would like to take the next step with private lessons, or you have a friend or family members seeking piano lessons, do give me a holler!


Happy Summer! :))

Teacher Zita

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