Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Funny Student Story

Funny student of the week goes to 9 year-old Jacob! I was teaching piano at his home yesterday. I started with little sister Sasha. She had a very nice lesson, so I was letting her look at my sticker collection. Then I told her "good lesson, now go send in your brother". I heard some commotion in the other room and then a voice said, "There's a problem!"

Suddenly Jacob came running to the piano in handcuffs! 

He said, "if I am to have a lesson today,  could you help remove the cuffs?"

 "I have the key", he said. 

Mom came in just about then and said, "Perhaps next time we should handcuff you to the piano, Jacob!"  

(They gave me permission to repeat this story.)

Never a dull moment as a piano teacher! 

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