Monday, August 25, 2014

Back to Piano!!!

Hello Piano People!

Summer is speeding to a close - I just wish the hot weather would speed along with it! (I will be the first to admit that I LOVE the rain!)
So... I am fine tuning my fall schedule.  Most of you have a spot reserved. If you are desiring piano lessons this fall and are not on my schedule, please contact me. I have a couple of spots remaining.


  • I am taking Monday through Friday, 09/01 through 09/05 off as a mini vacation. (My daughter Taylor got married this summer. It was a beautiful, glorious event! But I think I need a bit of down time to breathe and relax before the busy fall season begins.)
    Taylor and Mike's Wedding!

  • Fall term for private lessons will begin Saturday, 09/06. 
  • I will be teaching at St. Mark's Lutheran Church on Saturdays this fall. The church is located at SE Powell and 54th.  
  • I will be teaching in student's homes in Portland this fall on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday.  I will begin those lessons on Monday, 09/08.
  • Fall term at the Community Music Center begins 09/29/2014.  I have decided to focus on continuing, intermediate and advanced students. I will only be teaching group classes at CMC on Fridays beginning this fall.
  • The Winter Piano Recital is scheduled for Sunday, December 14th. The 4:30 time will be for younger students. the 6:00 p.m. time will be for older, more advanced students.
  • I will be teaching weekly lessons again.  I've adjusted to commute from Salem to Portland quite nicely and weekly lessons do keep students motivated.  However, some of my students are very self motivated and have many activites scheduled.  I have some times available for students who would like less frequent lessons. :)
  • I am still offering discounts for prepaying of tuition.  This helps my planning - I get a discount for buying multi-ride tickets from Amtrak, if I purchase a packet of 10 in advance.  So if you are able to prepay the month or the term, let me know!

    And most important of all: Thank you all for being such wonderful students. I feel very lucky to be your teacher.  Your enthusiasm and love for music makes my work very meaningful.
    Happy Back to School!!

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