Friday, June 12, 2015

Summer Piano Lessons

Hello Piano People!

Summer has arrived!  I saw so many kids out today on my morning walk.  Birds are singing. And today is not too hot! :)

But it is supposed to be a hotter than usual summer. For those of you who are not fond of the heat (like me), maybe even you get the summer blues, fear not!

I still have room in Blues Piano Camp at the Community Music Center.  Numbers are rather low, so I've decided to lower the age requirement. Nine year-old to twelve year-old pianists with at least a year of lessons are welome. We learn the blues scale, the twelve bar blues, the history of blues and we jam! It's a lot of fun!

If you do not meet the age requirement, or the dates of the camp are not convenient, I can teach blues in our private lessons.

I still have some spots open in my schedule.

Happy Summer!

Teacher Zita :)

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