Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Grand Staff Poster Contest!!!

Dear Students/Parents:

Learning to read music is like learning a foreign language.  The best way to learn your notes is to constantly be reminded of their presence!

I have been brainstorming with students and several of them of come up with clever ways to display the grand staff.  I encouraged them to make their grand staff as large and colorful and creative as they like and then put it right their at the piano, so when they practice, it will be staring them in the face! :) (By the way, did you know the space notes for the G clef staff spell the word F-A-C-E? Well now you do!)

So students start your engines!  Either bring me your work of Grand Staff art for me to take a picture of, or email me a picture. I will post it on my blog the last week of March and we will vote for the best Grand Staff!
The Grand prize will be a gift certificate for Portland Music Company.  There will be smaller prizes  for runners up!.  You will all be winners because it will improve your note reading!
Deadline for submitting your work is:  April 8th. Winners will be chosen April 15th!  :)

My email address is:

Have fun! Learn to read music!

Teacher Zita :)

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