Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Grand Staff Poster Contest

Dear Piano Students and Parents:

I have had several students tell me they are working on their Grand Staff posters! :)  If any of you would like to print a grand staff from the internet, try printing the above image or try this link:  http://www.susanparadis.com/catalog.php?ID=SP432

You can also draw your own grand staff! 

The only rules are that your poster be a learning tool. It should show the grand staff (see above) with all the notes on the grand staff with their note names. Once the contest is over, this poster should be kept at your piano to help you remember your notes! Please email me a picture of your poster or bring to your lesson. I will post images of the posters on my blog (anonymously) and then we will vote!  The deadline to get your posters in to me will be April 8th.  Winners will be chosen by April 15th.

Good luck! :0)

Teacher Zita

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