Monday, March 12, 2012

I am so excited!  I have created a new blog where I can talk about music with other music teachers from all over the world!  My friend Nikos Pachakis, classical guitar teacher in Nikaia, Greece came up with this idea recently.  He has a fantastic blog about classical guitar: Classical Guitar with Nikos which he updates daily.  Check it out if you have a fascination with this beautiful instrument.  I was very impressed with his blog. Alas, it is in Greek!  I told Nikos that people from other countries would like to learn about guitar too, including English speaking Americans!  So we came up with a blog where we can talk about music, share ideas and share information about our homelands and cultures.  It is geared toward students.  Nikos can practice English and maybe you and I can pick up some Greek in the process. Check out the new blog here:  Music Teachers Talk all over the Planet!

Vive la musique! (Long live music, in French) :)  Teacher Zita

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