Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Hey Students and Parents, winter term is nearly over!  Spring is around the corner! Yay!

March 19th through March 25 is the end of the 12 week term.  If I missed a lesson, make up week will be the last week of March.  Spring term begins Monday, April 2nd.  (Sunday students - I am taking April 1st off for my daughter's 22nd Birthday!)

Just to review my financial policy (for my memory as well as yours!):

My rate for piano lessons is $20/half hour.

There are several payment methods you can choose from, but I would encourage you to consider paying at the beginning of the term for the entire 12 week term. I prefer not to have to think or talk about payment - Just want to think about music!

However, if that is not an option for you, you can choose what works best. 

In hardship cases, I will always slide your fee. My students have always been more important to me than my pocketbook!


Option 1:  Prepay for the entire 12 week term at the beginning of the term (Spring term for private students begins Monday, April 2, 2012)
1 student:  $200
2 students: $400
Option 2:  Prepay for the month in advance. (Due on the first lesson of the month)
1 student:  $75
2 students:  $150
Option 3:  Pay as you go – $20 per half hour for each student

I take cash, check or Paypal (If you wish to use Paypal, let me know and I will create an invoice template for you)

Teacher Zita :)

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